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How To Unlock Lg Phone Forgot Password Without Losing Data __HOT__

Forgetting password on LG phones is troublesome, but you can access your phone again with the help of the following eight methods. If you don't know how to unlock the LG phone forgot password yourself, continue reading the following content.

How To Unlock Lg Phone Forgot Password Without Losing Data

LG Unlock is the easiest way to bypass LG/Samsung phones without data loss among all methods we will introduce later, and it supports four types of screen locks, including pattern, PIN, fingerprints, and password. Apart from Samsung and LG phones, it also works with other Android phones running Android 2.1 and up, such as Moto g60/Moto g40/Moto g30, Huawei P50/P40/P30/Mate 40/Mate 30, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra/11i/11 Lite, Lenovo, OnePlus, etc.

ADB command is a complex yet useful way to bypass the LG lock screen without a password. Before starting the following steps, ensure that your LG phone has enabled USB debugging previously. Otherwise, you cannot use it this way.

After learning how to unlock the LG phone forgot password, select one way to remove the lock screen on your device. If you wish to bypass your LG phone without password and data loss, I strongly recommend you try LG Unlock. It's foolproof and safe to handle.

It is ordinary to set a screen lock to prevent others access your LG phone directly. But it will prevent yourself, the owner of your phone, from accessing your the device when you forget the password. Thus, we are going to talk about how to unlock an LG phone if you forgot the password.

In other words, undoubtedly, some professional unlocking approaches can help you remove the lock screen on your LG phone without knowing the password. Of course, they are safe and easy to use. So, let's take a look at them.

Want to unlock your LG phone without a code? This Screen Unlock software can make it. First of all, it can remove multiple types of locks, including pattern, fingerprint, password, and PIN, so that you can easily bypass your lock screen on LG. What's more, it can unlock LG phones without erasing your data.

Hard reset is a safe mode to wipe all data and settings on your LG phone, so you can unlock your LG phone fast in this way. However, you will lose all your files. If there is important data on your phone and you haven't backed them up, please do not choose this method.

On most new LG phones, you can set a pin lock and a fingerprint lock or a face ID at the same time. In other words, when your fingerprint is invalid, you can use your pin to unlock your LG phone without trouble. You can certainly use your fingerprint to access your phone if you forget the passcode. But if you haven't set your pin and fingerprint/face ID, you can't bypass the lock with this approach.

If you have an Android phone running Android OS 4.0 or lower, you will find a "forgot pattern/password" function on your LG phone, which can help you unlock your device if you forget the password. Besides, it needs your account and password of Gmail.

Android Debug Bridge, generally shortened to ADB, is a method for developers. But now, it can also help you unlock your LG phone without knowing the password. By the way, please check if you have enabled the USB debugging mode on your LG phone. If not, this way cannot remove the lock from the device.

Forgetting a password occurs frequently occurs in the digital area, and many people will lose their data due to removing the lock. So, how can you avoid data loss even if you fail to remember the password? Apart from using a professional tool, you can back up your data on schedule, especially when storing some important files on your mobile phone. Honestly, backup is the most effective way to protect your data.

All the content about how to unlock the LG phone when you forgot the password has already been listed in the previous parts. Maybe you have locked your smartphone now. If so, congratulations. You can mark this post's URL, and it can give you a hand whenever you need it. By the way, this reliable Screen Unlock software is highly powerful for unlocking Android phones. If you want a simple way to remove the lock, it will be a nice choice.

Protecting your smartphone with a strong yet easy password is a fundamental thing to keep your device and data safe. Today, mobile phones are equipped with every essential tool that allows us to do any kind of job that was never possible before. Even mobile phones are playing a vital role in certain businesses. While holding such an important personal/financial information, it becomes mandatory to make them protected with a screen lock.

LG mobiles are one of the emerging smartphone brands, so it might be possible that you are using an LG mobile and forgot the password, PIN, or pattern for it. Well, there is nothing to worry about. We have compiled some potential solutions on how to unlock LG phone pattern.

Besides using a professional password unlocking tool, there are some general solutions to unlock LG phones without a password. Android Device Manager is one of them. Being an Android user, you may know that Google facilitates Android users to remotely find, track or unlock their smartphones using the Android device manager.

However, a meager number of people still use the older Android models below the 4.4 version. If you are the one who owns an LG phone that occupies Andriod version 4.4 or below, I have an ideal solution for you to unlock LG phone without knowing the password.

The factory reset is another useful method to unlock LG phones without a password. It works the same as Recover mode does. Some people call it the Factory Reset method instead of Recovery Mode, so I thought to clear the confusion and write on both.

Do not want to lose any data on your LG device? Here will guide you to another way to remove LG lock screen without losing any data. After successfully removing the lock screen, you are free to set a new but easy-to-remember password.

With the help of Android Lock Screen Removal software, you will take just a few minutes to unlock your LG phone lock screen without erasing anything and give you full access to everything once again. It helps to safely and easily remove the password of PIN, patterns, password and fingerprint. Apart of this features, it can be able to recover deleted or lost files on your LG G5/G4/G3/G2 or other Android phones, like Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 8/5/4/3/2, Samsung Tab, etc.

The program will start to unlock your screen password locked for your LG phone right now. This whole process will not damage any of your phone data and never lose your data. After that, you can access to your LG G5, LG G4, LG G3, LG G2 without entering the password.

Yes. The detailed steps vary with different phone models. But the Camera app is available if you get locked out of your phone. You can tap on the Camera icon on the locked screen and take photos without unlocking it.

After Samsung and Apple, LG held the third position in the North American mobile phone market in 2020. Nowadays, there are still legions of LG smartphone users around the world. They may come across all various problems in the course of the usage of LG phones. One of the most pressing and essential problems to be solved is: How to unlock LG phone forgot password without losing data?

After all, forgetting the password of your phone screen lock is often the case. More importantly, how do you unlock LG phone forgot password without losing data? Unlocking your LG phone password is easy, such as a factory reset, however, a factory reset would delete everything and wipe your LG device. So this article will explain how to unlock LG phone forgot password without losing data.

There are so copious methods capable of unlocking an LG phone when you forgot your password. You can unlock a locked LG phone when u forgot password with the help of some phone unlocking software, such as Android Device Manager and EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android, or under a factory reset. You can adopt one of these methods mentioned above if you have backed up your data before, although these processes will erase the data that is stored on your LG phone.

On the other hand, if there are important data on your LG phone and you do not have a backup for them yet, follow us closely to show you how to unlock LG phone forgot password without losing data in a few minutes. We will introduce six ways to bypass LG phones without data loss. You can adopt the appropriate method of your choice. Now let's get started!

This section steps through using the Forgot Pattern mode to unlock your LG phone when you forgot password. To use this method, the only prerequisite is that your LG phone must be Android 4.4 or lower. Because such kind of bypassing mechanism only works with Android 4.4 or lower mobile operating systems.

Optionally, it's also available to use a Backup PIN to unlock your LG phone when the password is unreachable. It is expected that the goal will be met, provided that you have configured a Backup PIN when you set the password at the beginning. So when you forget the screen password, choose to enter your Backup PIN, fingerprint, or other credentials that are feasible instead. If you do not set up any other unlocking method, move on to the following methods.

In this section, we will focus on how to unlock LG phone forgot password with a versatile command-line tool - Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Despite a little complexity, it's definitely an efficient way to unlock your LG phone. With the help of the ADB command, you can access a Unix shell and conduct different commands on a device. Now let's see how to unlock LG phone forgot password with ADB.

If your LG phone runs the Android 5 system, you can use the Emergency Call to unlock LG phone forgot password without losing data since the approach exploits the vulnerability of Android 5. Google identified the bug and fixed it later in the higher versions. Therefore, it can only work with Android 5.

The last method that is involved in this guide is to take advantage of Safe Mode to unlock LG phone forgot password without losing data. Note that this method is valid only for the screen lock set up by a third-party lock screen software. As a result, you cannot use this method to unlock the built-in screen lock of your LG phone. 350c69d7ab


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