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students are invited to'read' any book of their choice on the unit. students need to have signed permission slips from their parents. once a week, students will receive a text message or phone call to remind them to'read' their chosen book. students may also receive a letter from the district explaining this activity and allowing students to keep it as a reminder to read their assigned reading for the week.

More 3 Teachers Book Download

the mission of science of teaching reading (str) is to advance strong reading skills in all of our students by enhancing student classroom literacy practices. science of teaching reading would equip all teachers (including special education teachers) in the state of texas with the knowledge they need to effectively teach reading to all students including those in the autism spectrum. science of teaching reading would be able to assist all texas schools to help with: instruction and intervention for students with autism and all other disabilities; monitor all students reading abilities and ensure that students can read efficiently; quickly identify students who are struggling so that effective interventions can be implemented.

under the newly announced texas byod plan for "mixed populations" english-language learners (ells), the testing component of the texas assessment of knowledge and skills (taks) will be administered in 2019-20 as a "bridge" year using a test called the texas assessment of knowledge and skills-english. the summer of 2020 will see the start of the transition of taks-english to the statewide test, which will use the new test items and scoring system that is currently being used for the taks spanish language and special education tests. copyright 2020 gtsi


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