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"Cold Heart (Pnau remix)" was met with a warm reception from music critics for its lyrics, sound and the incorporation of John's four songs. Produced during the pandemic, the animated music video premiered on John's YouTube channel on 13 August 2021, with the aspiration of crafting a celebratory and joyful galaxy. It traces the adventure of John and Lipa together with four other animated characters as they explore the colorful and nature-filled psychedelic landscapes. Three remixes accompanied the song, including a rendition by Claptone and The Blessed Madonna. The song was further promoted with a live performance in Los Angeles on 20 November as part of John's Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which was streamed on Disney+. In 2022, it was ranked among the 10th most-streamed songs globally on Apple Music and Spotify.

Best Remixes Mashups Of Popular Songs 2022 | Music Mix 2022 | New Charts

"Cold Heart (Pnau remix)" was met with a warm reception from music critics, with many complimenting the combination of John's previous hits in the song. David Smyth from Evening Standard characterised the song as a "particularly slick updating of classic Elton".[27] Annie Zaleski for Variety declared the end result of the mashup to be "relentlessly modern, a seamless (and savvy) [fusion] of eras".[28] Althea Legaspi of Rolling Stone highlighted that the songs received a "groove-tipped refresh" in the song.[15] Lars Brandle from Billboard described the mashup as "expertly created".[29] Billboard's Stephen Daw thought that "Dua Lipa's voice sounds like butter as she croons the iconic chorus 'And I think it's gonna be a long, long time,' while the production from PNAU never goes over-the-top, only complementing John's original visions."[30] Helen Brown of The Independent penned that the song "does a terrific job [combining] 'Sacrifice' and 'Rocket Man', giving both a tendon-twanging freshness".[31] Lakshmi Govindrajan Javeri from Firstpost elaborated that the song "blends iconic portions of 'Sacrifice' and 'Rocket Man' to create a number that puritans will grudgingly admit is addictive at best, sacrilegious at worst".[32]

In 2022, "Cold Heart (Pnau remix)" won an award in the category for the Collaboration of the Year at the American Music Awards and the Top Dance/Electronic Song at the Billboard Music Awards.[40][41] It was nominated for the Song of the Year at the Brit Awards, the Most Performed Work at the Ivor Novello Awards and the Best Collaboration and Song of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards.[42][43][44] In 2023, the song received nominations for the Best Collaboration and Dance Song of the Year at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.[45] Billboard and Los Angeles Times included "Cold Heart (Pnau remix)" in their year-end lists of the best songs for 2021.[46][47] During the summer of 2022, the song was ranked as the 19th most-streamed song on Spotify worldwide.[48] On the year-end lists, it was ranked as the sixth and seventh most-streamed song on Spotify and Apple, respectively.[49][50][51] The song was also the most "shazamed" song of the year on Shazam worldwide of that year.[51][52] John and Lipa were further recognised as the "Hitmakers of the Year" by the American magazine Variety in 2022, for the charting success of their collaboration on the charts.[25][53]

While being streamed by American streaming platform Disney+, John and Lipa performed "Cold Heart (Pnau remix)" live at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles as part of the former's Farewell Yellow Brick Road world tour on 20 November 2022.[129] Three remixes of the song, including a rendition by German disc jockey Claptone and American disc jockey the Blessed Madonna, accompanied the single's release between September and October 2021.[130][131][132] The rendition by the Blessed Madonna marked the second time that she had remixed a song from Lipa, following the remix of "Levitating" (2020).[133] Samantha Reis from We Rave You gave a favorable assessment of the remix, stating that it took the already "club-ready beat" and elevated its "clubby vibe" to the maximum.[133] Ariel King for Dancing Astronaut also positively commented that the remix "fits neatly into a sparkling club atmosphere while maintaining Lipa's disco aesthetic".[134] The remix was accompanied by a visualiser video as a remix of the official music video, displaying animated eyes and fantastical creatures.[135][136]

The company has a global team that works with artists and record labels, negotiates licensing deals with rights holders, and builds new ways for TikTok to convert its cultural influence into recurring revenue. The company launched in 2022 a song-distribution platform called SoundOn, and may eventually roll out its own music streaming service, a trademark filing from its parent company ByteDance suggests.

TikTok's music operations team has a series of "promo levers" that it uses to boost the popularity of songs. The company can add new tracks to playlists in the "Sounds" section of its app and apply keywords on the back end to optimize song discoverability in the app's search interface.

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A mashup usually features two elements from two different songs unchanged while a remix is a more complex mesh of various musical components that result in something new. Remixing requires more skill than creating mashups. Remixers are mashup artists by default whereas mashup artists are not remixers. 041b061a72


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