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Luke Rogers
Luke Rogers

Cisco Packet Tracer 5.4 Free 11: A Virtual Lab for Practicing Networking, IoT, and Cybersecurity

a. Access the websites of Server1 and Server2 using the web browser of PC1. Use both the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Use the show access-lists command to view which access list statement permitted or denied the traffic. The output of the show access-lists command displays the number of packets that match each statement since the last time the counters were cleared, or the router rebooted.Note: To clear the counters on an access list, use the clear access-list counters command.RT1#show ip access-listsExtended IP access list ACL10 deny tcp host host eq www (12 match(es))20 deny tcp host host eq 443 (12 match(es))30 deny tcp host host eq www40 deny tcp host host eq 44350 deny tcp host host eq ftp60 deny tcp host host eq ftp70 deny icmp host host deny icmp host host permit ip any anyb. Access FTP of Server1 and Server2 using PC1. The username and password is cisco.c. Ping Server1 and Server2 from PC1.

cisco packet tracer 5.4 free 11


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