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If you are shopping for a rooftop cargo carrier and aren't routinely moving long items like skis around, we think the Goplus Rooftop Carrier is a great option. It has many of the top-tier models' convenience features, making it very easy to use and install while costing you less. It has a dual-opening lid so you can access your gear from both sides of the car, and the quick clamps make installation and removal a breeze. The low weight of just 25 pounds helps make installing it atop a vehicle easier, too. This is one of the lightest boxes in our lineup and the shortest from front to back, so for those needing to install the box on their own or have a short car, this could be an ideal pick.

buy car carrier

To rank and score these products and see which cargo-carrying box is truly worthy of being crowned the best, we began by doing extensive research, looking at the best products currently on the market. We then picked out the most promising cargo carriers to purchase and test head-to-head. We developed a comprehensive testing plan, evaluating and judging the performance of each product on everything from its ease of installation to how well its finish hides scrapes and scratches. Our assessments can help you find the right cargo box for your needs.

The Yakima RocketBox is also above-average regarding ease of use. This cargo carrier has a solid handle and is dual-opening, making it very easy to load or unload with gear. The installation clamps can be a bit finicky, especially with larger crossbars. We like the tool-free installation, but it can be a bit harder to judge if they have been tightened sufficiently.

The security of each cargo box was our next concern. Everyone wants to be confident that a roof box will keep their gear as safe as possible, though a determined thief could probably get into any of these products with enough motivation and the right tools. We awarded the most points to carriers that have simple and easy-to-operate security systems that seem durable enough to resist break-ins and solid enough that we would entrust them with our beloved gear.

One of the main indicators of quality for a cargo box is the overall rigidity of the frame, particularly with the lid. We looked for fairly rigid lids that aligned the latching mechanisms without issue. We also looked at the construction and design of the clamps and locking systems, as well as the amount of potential water intrusion. Finally, we took into account any wear and tear or other damage that each cargo carrier might have experienced after our rough and tumble-testing process.

We found the Thule Vector, Yakima GrandTour, Thule Motion XT XL, Thule Force XT XL, Yakima Skybox Carbonite 16, Yakima RocketBox Pro 14, and Thule Pulse all to be the frontrunners in terms of quality. These cargo carriers all held up very well to our testing process and feel solid and sturdy, with a lid that opens with minimal flopping. They are some of the most resistant to water intrusion in our experience as well, and the different clamps and latches all feel well-designed.

We are a bit more concerned about water resistance regarding the SportRack Vista XL and SportRack Horizon Alpine. These cargo carriers mount to roof racks with a set of U-bolts and come with a series of pre-drilled holes to accommodate different crossbar spacing. This means that there are multiple holes on the bottom, consequently leaving multiple points for water to get in. To remedy this, these SportRack products include vinyl stickers to cover the unused holes. These stickers performed fine in our test, but we could see their effectiveness at keeping water out, degrading over time.

None of these boxes showed any significant signs of damage through normal wear and tear, though most showed a handful of scrapes and scuffs from repeatedly installing and uninstalling them. Even when one tester managed to bend two of the four mounting clips by backing a Thule box into a cement wall they didn't realize stuck out further than the car, there wasn't major damage to the cargo carrier.

Thule has a wide range of cargo boxes, for both the roof and trunk of your car. For vehicles that can handle weight on the roof, our roof boxes are roomy and easy to install. For cars that have a towbar or hitch, it might be a rear cargo carrier you are looking for.

When we say that rear-of-car solutions take you farther, we really mean farther. Both internal testing at the Thule Test Center and testing by external sources have shown that a hitch cargo carrier leads to less fuel or electricity consumption than having nothing on the car at all.

The average consumption (kWh/100km) of a vehicle with the Thule Arcos hitch cargo carrier was 95 %. This means that when we drove the Volkswagen ID4 with Thule Arcos mounted, the range improved by 5%* compared to the cars with nothing on them at all. So based on the battery of size of the ID4 and the consumption measured during the tests, we could travel roughly 17 km further*. This data is also backed up by computer simulations that showed a similar result.

A rear cargo carrier lets you use your compact city car in a variety of ways. Load on your bikes and head out into the unknown one day, and pack your bags for a weekend trip the next. The choice is yours, we provide you with the solutions.

If you want access to the trunk with a hitch cargo carrier you have to specifically choose a box that swings away, tilts down, or sits low enough so that you still have access to the trunk. Thule Arcos has a curved design that gives you space to put items in your trunk whenever you need to.

Yes, many carriers provide auto transport services in Hawaii. You can even buy a car on the mainland and ship it to Hawaii. Contact one of our best car shipping companies or motorcycle shipping companies to learn more.

You should ask an auto transport company to verify the insurance status of the carrier assigned to your shipment. Additionally, it helps to ask if the transport broker offers additional auto hauler insurance (like gap coverage or cash toward your deductible).

You can find a car shipping company that uses an enclosed carrier by contacting any transport broker. Every auto shipping company offers both open and enclosed transport and provides basic liability coverage for both shipping services.

When choosing a seat for your newborn, there are two paths you can choose from: either to use an infant carrier from approx. 0-1 year, followed by a toddler seat until approx. 4 years; or to use a 2-in-1 seat from 0 to approx. 4 years.

We at BeSafe recommend you to use an infant carrier for as long as possible, as it gives you as a parent flexibility and offers your baby great side protection. However, you might consider changing to a toddler car seat earlier. In these cases, we recommend you to only change to a toddler car seat when your baby can sit by themselves, as toddler car seats typically are more upright and give a bit less stability than infant carriers.

If your infant carrier is approved to ECE R44-04, then your seat has a maximum weight based on its approval. This maximum weight must not be exceeded. But this does not mean that you can always use your infant carrier until you have reached this maximum weight, often babies outgrow their seat in height before they reach the weight. For this, check step 2!

If your infant carrier is approved to UN R129, then it has a maximum height given by its approval. This maximum height must not be exceeded. In most cases, the maximum height marks the end of when you can use the seat, but in addition also check step 2!

These are the people that provide the actual auto transport service. They own a fleet of trucks and employ or hire drivers and loaders. They are responsible for transporting your vehicle from start to finish. If you use a direct carrier, you limit your liability to one company.

A broker acts as a middle man, providing clients for direct carriers. They work with many different carriers and provide a service across the whole of the US. A broker accepts bookings from customers and then looks for a carrier that offers the best rates.

An auto transport management company, such as SGT Auto Transport, falls somewhere between a carrier and a car shipping broker. They manage the complete shipping process from start to finish. Services include:

The process of scheduling auto transport is one that takes time. If you use a transport management company, they have to reach out to carriers in their network to find a carrier that meets your needs. During peak season, it might take even longer because of the high demand for auto transport services.

The ideal road trip accessory, a rooftop cargo basket is an excellent way to transport extra gear and equipment without sacrificing the entire interior of your vehicle. With proper tie-down equipment, roof cargo baskets are an effective, secure way to transport cargo when you don't want to use a trailer. The biggest con of rooftop-mounted cargo carriers is that they reduce the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and can be noisy at high speeds. A wind fairing can help reduce the noise and direct wind up and over the basket.

Much like hitch-mounted cargo carriers, cargo boxes are low to the ground and aerodynamic. The one big advantage they have over open cargo carriers is that contents are completely out of sight, and they have usually lockable to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to important gear, food, etc. They are usually an all-in-one package, and are also great for lots of smaller items that would be otherwise difficult to tie-down or keep contained when in transit.

Although carriers are already close to the ground, ones that incorporate a loading ramp open up the door for hauling heavier items like landscaping equipment or mobility devices like wheelchairs, scooters or power chairs. 041b061a72


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