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Deep Down A Jack Reacher Story ((NEW))

Deep Down:In thriller master Lee Child's short story Deep Down, Jack Reacher must track down a spy in soldier's clothing-by matching wits with four formidable females. Three are clean-but the fourth may prove fatal.

Deep Down A Jack Reacher Story

The story features Reacher, still in the Army as a captain, helping James Penney, a Vietnam War veteran who has recently been made redundant at work and had his car stolen. When Penney unknowingly becomes a fugitive (after he accidentally burns down two neighbours' houses in the course of deliberately burning down his own in an act of frustration after being fired), Reacher helps Penney obtain a new identity so he can start a new life. The story has appeared in Fresh Blood 3 (1999), an anthology of mystery short stories edited by Mike Ripley and Maxim Jakubowski,[6] and in Thriller (2006), a short story anthology of thrillers written by International Thrillers, Inc. members and edited by James Patterson.[citation needed]

This story is set in 1989, when Jack Reacher is serving as an officer in the military police. A young lieutenant colonel in a stylish handmade uniform roars through the damp woods of Georgia in her new silver Porsche, until she meets a very tall soldier with a broken-down car.

I love the Jack Reacher books and have often gone back to the start to reread them again. It is great to have such a hero who does not have to swear about and at everything, who can take care of the bad guys so well and often with a Sahara dry comment of warning or to finish of his foe. I enjoy the way Reacher thinks and that the reader is part of that narrative. As an Australian I really enjoyed Reacher down under even if it was only a short story. I know a possible child popped up in a book but what about a real child that belonged to either Reacher or his brother Joe, surely the Reacher line will continue. Reacher getting to old and senile is to much to contemplate and a next generation could be good to see, with a little help from Reacher of course!!!!

I am waiting for the Next one and I cannot understand why when at the start of the early books they list jack reacher as being six foot six and 250 pounds then get a short house like tom cruise to play him in film

have read all of the reacher series.have enjoyed them all but the last thre have not contained the intense story lines of previous books. in my opinion i would let reacher gently settle down as he is now reaching that age

The Fourth Man is a short Jack Reacher story where he is tracked down by the FBI and told that during a raid in Sydney, Australia, a list was found which includes also his name. So far, he is the only survivor on that list. Could he be next?

Maybe our popular notions of justice are deeply, disturbingly disconnected from the law. Maybe, deep down, we imagine that justice comes from lawlessness, and not from a judge, or a trio of lawyers, or a constitutional scholar. It arrives with an epic beat-down, and not with a genteel summons to court. And it results, almost invariably, in a messy, bloody death. Jack Reacher, sociopath that he is, travels across the Great Plains in that Greyhound bus, plotting to break the bones and the bodies of the bad guys who lurk everywhere. That is a pretty terrifying thought.

New York Times-bestselling team Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton invite readers to come hang out with them in their 104-Story Treehouse--the eighth book in the illustrated chapter book series filled with Andy and Terry's signature slapstick humor! Andy and Terry live in a 104-story treehouse. (It used to be a 91-story treehouse, but they decided it was still missing a few things.) It has a never-ending staircase, a burp bank, a deep-thoughts thinking room, Mount Everest, a mighty fortress reinforced with extra-strong fortress reinforcer, and a money-making machine (that also makes honey!). When Andy has a toothache that hurts so bad he can't write any jokes for their new book, Terry knows just what to do: buy a Joke Writer 2000(TM) to write the jokes for them! All they need first is some money from their money-making machine and then it's off to the store. It's a foolproof plan--a Terry-proof one, even! What could go wrong? Praise for Andy Griffiths and the Treehouse series: "Anarchic absurdity at its best. . . . Denton's manic cartooning captures every twist and turn in hilarious detail." --Publishers Weekly, starred review, on The 13-Story Treehouse "Will appeal to fans of Jeff Kinney and Dav Pilkey. . . . The wonderfully random slapstick humor is tailor-made for reluctant readers. . . . A treat for all." --Booklist on The 13-Story Treehouse Read the whole series!The 13-Story TreehouseThe 26-Story TreehouseThe 39-Story TreehouseThe 52-Story TreehouseThe 65-Story TreehouseThe 78-Story TreehouseThe 91-Story TreehouseThe 104-Story Treehouse 041b061a72


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