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Luke Rogers

Java Games House Of The Dead (176x220)

Mascot Capsule's java-wrapper was provided by "comdot" for java platforms. it's java-binding to the native platform-dependent implementation. woesss (author of JL-Mod) wrote Mascot Capsule J2SE wrapper for the Windows 32bit version of the Mascot engine, which was provided to the NTT DoCoMo i-mode (DoJa/Star) emulators. Using this J2SE wrapper to play Mascot Capsule games on KEmulator and FreeJ2ME on Windows 32bit version of JRE.

Java Games House Of The Dead (176x220)

American tech expert Zip and English research assistant Alistair support her on missions from her manor house in England, where they live with her butler Winston. During the events of Legend, Lara interacts with multiple supporting characters. These include Anaya Imanu, an old friend who has often helped Lara during her exploits, media tycoon and investigative journalist/reporter Toru Nishimura, who also experienced risks similar to Lara's, and Shogo Takamoto, businessman-turned-yakuza boss whom Lara once confronted over forged antiquities. The main antagonists are Amanda Evert, an old friend of Lara's presumed dead after a catastrophic incident in Peru, and her associate, American playboy James Rutland.[17]


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