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The relaxed, old world coffeehouse atmosphere, along with the delicous coffee, always makes us feel like staying for hours. We also love the little coffehouse tables inviting people to stay and study, read one of the many national and international newspapers or throw glances at celebrities (we just spotted Josef Hader, one our favourite Austrian comedians!) Another highlight is the old fireplace oven in the center of the café, which is still used in winter.

Coffe shop.7z


As of 2014, Nespresso offers two distinct lines of machines: the Original Line and the new VertuoLine. These Nespresso machines work differently and make different types of drinks. The Original Line uses high pressure, like an espresso maker, while the VertuoLine uses centrifugal force to extract coffee.

Well, as it turns out, Nespresso foresaw this very scenario. Europe-based Nespresso developed the VertuoLine when they realized they were losing global market share because North Americans prefer larger coffees to quick shots of espresso. Similarly, drinkers in cold regions like Scandinavia enjoy the warming effect of a full-size coffee (1).

The main difference between Nespresso versus espresso machines is that espresso machines use freshly ground coffee that has been dosed into a portafilter and tamped. Nespresso machines on the other hand use hermetically sealed capsules of pre-ground coffee.

Eat Nudge makes the best coffee butter you can buy! This no waste item has 40mg of caffeine per serving and is quite delicious on fresh waffles. We received these products in exchange for a review, all thoughts, opinions, and images are our own.

But, the coffee butter is incredibly versatile. You can think of it like Nutella or a nut butter but with the perks of caffeine. Pun, intended. We used ours as a drizzle on homemade waffles, but here are some other recommendations.

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we love our coffee. I share #BBDailyCoffee with each of our coffee creations. Here are some additional ways to get your caffeine fix on top of popping some of those coffee bombs in your mouth.

As a special holiday season treat for our loyal Kona coffee customers, we were able to hunt down and secure a limited amount of 100% certified Kona Peaberry. Buy now while supplies last! -detail.html 041b061a72

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